How are we different?

We want you to feel the excitement of opening that "Lucky Letter" of admission and are here to offer focused, one-on-one advising throughout the application process. That seems like just about every other college consulting group – you might be thinking – so, what makes Lucky Letter Advising different?


Well, we are not a group of retired admissions officers who – despite being out of the admissions game for several decades and inevitably losing touch with contemporary policies –  use our former titles to gauge unwitting victims with overpriced services. We are not a group of students or parents who use one success story – from previous personal experience, a past mentee, etc. – as a mass-produced, cookie-cutter model for your application. We are also not statisticians who simply plug in your scores to create a set of target schools. 

Instead, we are a select group of recent Harvard Law School graduates and current students who are passionate about helping people pursue education. We originally started as a free advice forum offering candid, informational videos on Youtube and – after learning about various viewers' success stories – decided to offer a more focused, one-on-one admissions advising option. We have firsthand experience with the modern application process, frequently consult with current admissions officers to keep up with contemporary policies, and use fair pricing based on our services – not our expired titles. Check out some of our servicestestimonials, team, and FAQ.