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Law School Recommendation Letter - tips?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a recommender is how well the person knows you. If that person happens to work in the legal field, that’s great! However, selecting a recommender simply because they work in the legal field is generally overrated –– it is more important that they know you than that they have legal experience.

Select letters from people who know you in an academic context, or can speak to your academic skills. For instance, what your like in a discussion, what your writing quality is like, how you interact with people in a classroom setting etc. If it is harder for you to access an academic recommendation, use professional recommenders that can say what you would be like in an academic setting, what you writing quality would be like, what you would like in class, etc.

Law School Recommendation Letter - how many?

A typical profile usually consists of two academic recommendation letters and one professional recommendation letter. There are no hard and fast rules –– just make sure the recommendations speak to one another. This is one of the hardest things pull off because you do not know they are going to say. However, just try to have some variety. For example, if you have one seminar class choose one thesis class or larger lecture class (demonstrating what you are like in different academic settings).

Law school recommendation letter request

First, make sure you give your recommender enough time to write a quality letter of recommendation. Time is probably your recommender’s scarcest resource –– make sure you ask well before the application deadline. You do not want a letter written on short notice. You also do not want to have a letter feel like a chore for your recommender. In order to provide sufficient notice, consider asking the summer before the fall application cycle. Second, if you sense any hesitation from the recommender, simply thank them for their time and move on. The last thing you want is a letter of recommendation that says something along the lines of “I don’t recall Student A very well from class, but . . .” or appears impersonal. Check out some of our advising packages for more focused one-on-one guidance through this process. To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Including a third letter of recommendation

A weak recommendation letter can actually detract from two stronger recommendation letters so proceed cautiously. A third letter of recommendation is appropriate if it will add something new to your application or say something that does not appear on your application. For instance, including two academic recommendations and a third letter from an internship or other professional experience. In order to avoid diluting two stronger recommendations letters, avoid including a third letter of recommendation to simply “check the box.”

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