Lucky letter Package


This Lucky Letter Package is our most comprehensive advising option. We will select schools that will offer you the best environment to embark on your legal career, determine the best plan for you take or retake the LSAT, and strategize which recommenders you should choose. From there, we will ensure you have a strong resume that showcases your qualifications, skills, and achievements. Then, through a series of consultations, we will help you craft a compelling personal statement that puts some personality into your application, presents what unique perspective you will bring to campus, and demonstrates why you want to go to law school. After that, we will determine how you should approach the optional essay and we will address whether you should add an addendum. Then, to prepare you for your interviews, we will run through the most frequently asked questions and conduct a mock interview. Finally, we will navigate negotiating scholarships and finalizing any offers. 

The Lucky Letter Package includes:

(1) Advising: You will have unlimited access to advice through structured one-on-one sessions – your advisor will be happy to schedule an online advising appointment, set up a conference call, or answer questions by email. Plus, this package entitles every element of your application to unlimited versions of editing and review.

(2) Schools: Pick the perfect place to pursue your personal interests and professional goals.

(3) LSAT: Make a plan for taking or retaking the LSAT


(4) Recommendations: Build a strategy for choosing recommenders that will strengthen your application.

(5) Resume: Your advisor will make sure you have a law school-ready resume that looks professional, uses proper formatting, and showcases your qualifications. 

(6) Personal Statement: Your transcript and test scores only provide a superficial silhouette for admissions officers. Our goal is to help create a clearer picture and develop your personal narrative  – your advisor will provide feedback on your creative content, language, and writing style to produce a polished personal statement that persuasively presents your profile to admissions officers.

(7) Optional Essay: Explore various approaches for the optional essay.


(8) Addenda: Address whether you should add an addendum.


(9) Interviews: Learn common types of questions and run through a mock Skype interview.


(10) Scholarships: Navigate negotiating scholarships and finalizing your offers.