As you might have guessed, getting that “Lucky Letter” of admission is no easy task. Each year, colleges across the country collect countless capable candidates with competitive credentials. Unfortunately, only a small set of these submissions can be offered admission. 


This might be a frightening forecast at first, but falling within this fortunate fraction of applicants if feasible if you follow the right steps. It is just a matter of persuasively presenting your interests, abilities, and personality to the admissions officers.

We are here to provide you with the necessary tools and tactics to tackle the application process. We will help you select schools that will set you up for success, choose activities to build and showcase your qualifications, craft an authentic personal statement, and assist you along every step of the application.



Gave it that "wow factor"

I'm so glad that I found lucky letter advising. Velo helped me figure out what was missing with my grad school application to give it that wow factor. I realize that the top graduate schools have a holistic approach and numbers are important but your personal statement is equally important.

Positively impact your application

I would recommend using Velo for your college advising needs! He is very helpful, prompt, and genuine. The knowledge that he has to offer will positively impact your application process.

Made the process less stressful

Velo was an amazing advisor! He made the whole application process less stressful and I was really happy with the results

My advisor was amazing

I did not have the best scores so I was looking for a good advising option to help me make my application stand out. My advisor was amazing and I definitely recommend Lucky Letter to anyone who wants affordable, quality admissions advising. I am really proud of my personal statement, it felt like it was really "me" and helped explain why I did not have perfect grades.

Essential part of my application

Lucky Letter Advising has been an essential part of my application process. I got the Premium Package which was a lot more affordable than similar advising packages. My advisor, Velo, was amazing at answering all of my questions and working with my schedule around finals and work.

Goes above and beyond

The advisor goes above and beyond to help you with every aspect of your application and wants to see you succeed, which sets this company apart from many other consulting companies. The chief adviser is also super successful and has a lot of helpful information. 

Knowledgeable and responsive

I highly recommend Lucky Letter Advising. The advisors are knowledgeable, responsive, and encouraging. Helpful to anyone going through the law school admissions process.

Personable and readily availablie

Velo-Vincent is so helpful, personable, and readily available! You will be advised by someone who is not only extremely intelligent, but also very humble and easy to speak with. You will feel free to ask questions, and you will receive high quality answers. 10/10!

Quick to Respond

I’'ve wanted to go to law school for years, and not only has my advisor Velo been enormously encouraging and helpful in helping me navigate through the ins and outs of both the LSAT and law school application processes, but also he is always quick to respond and super smart!!! He is always ready with an answer, gives great tips, and I'm so so grateful to have him in my corner during this time.

Amazing services and extremely knowledgeable

Velo provides amazing services and is extremely knowledgable about the admissions process. His transparency about his own law school application experience has benefitted me immensely. 

Helped me improve my personal statement

If you need any law school application help, do yourself a favor and reach out to Lucky Letter Advising. Velo is extremely nice and has helped me improve my personal statement.

Honest and kind

Velo is super helpful! Great advice. Very honest and kind. Highly recommended!

Made her application stand out

I used Velo late last year to help my cousin get ready for the upcoming application cycle. He was super helpful in guiding her though what the process will entail, plus he advised her on how to prioritize gathering information for the application. Perhaps most importantly, he guided her through considerations to help her application stand out by differentiating her as an applicant!